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Celebrating Five years of Service

It's hard to wrap our heads around realizing that this summer will be the fifth season we have served you at P & K Anglers Retreat. We have met so many guests who have become friends. Families who have come back yearly and sometimes two to three times each summer! We had the opportunity to provide space for a couple of family/friend reunions which was so much fun.

Perhaps a better way of describing these wonderful guests is they have become extended family members. We love hearing your fishing stories, seeing you reconnect with family members and friends, and witnessing the memory-making that takes place each summer at P & K Anglers Retreat. One memory that sticks out is when one group rented all the RV spaces. They brought pizza ovens and had a big party on the deck of the washateria. We enjoyed that so much. They also had quite the production of salmon processing on that deck. Then there was our guest from Germany who played his guitar and sang for all of the guests to enjoy.

Over the past five summers, we have expanded at your request. We have two more cabins big enough for families to enjoy. Logan's Fishing Shack is named after our oldest son, Logan. Logan loved to fish, and a picture of his last fish hangs in his namesake cabin. Our oldest son and mighty fisherman passed away at the age of 11 after complications of leukemia treatment. Captain Kirk's Trapper Cabin is named after our wonderful son-in-law, a trapper. We added "Paisley's Pad" in our overflow area, which has become a popular place for guests when all hookup sites are booked. Paisley is our youngest granddaughter and will hopefully be here in July to greet our guests.

If you have not stayed with us at P & K Anglers Retreat, you may be wondering about the names of our cabins and RV sites. Granny's Circle is named after my wonderful grandmother, who died at 94 in 2022. Next to her site is "Boe Boulevard." Boe is our six-year-old granddaughter. "Ailynn Way. " Ailynn is our 2nd oldest granddaughter, and she is eight. Next to her spot is "Olivienne Lane." Olivienne (Ollie) is our oldest granddaughter, and she is ten. These three girls come up to work for us each July. You will see them operating the gift shop, cleaning cabins, weeding the flower beds, or running a bake sale! Next to Olivienne Lane is "Grandma's Street." Grandma is named for both my mom and Patrick's mom. My mother passed away in April of 2023, so this spot seems extra special. Next to Grandma's Street is "Pockie's Road." When Logan was a baby, it sounded like he called my dad "Pockie," and the name stuck. All his grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and many other kids) call him Pockie. Our largest cabin is "Meghan's Mighty Moose, " named after our youngest child. The moose sleeps 7-8. The final cabin is "Casey's Bear Den," named after our son, Casey. Casey loved to bear hunt as a teen.

Our gift shop holds locally made merchandise, yummy snacks and drinks, and custom-made fishing flies. We also have a large supply of P & K Anglers Retreat t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats!

Hopefully, you can tell how much we love our little retreat. We are so thankful to those who support us and look forward to making new friends.

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